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My Philosophy

My philosophy as a real estate agent is intricately linked with my overriding goal: to exceed my clients’ expectations and to provide a high level of value as they pursue the sale or purchase of real property. I try to structure my representation of my clients around basic tenets which I have found to be both effective and mutually beneficial. They are as follow:


This is my first important task upon speaking with or meeting a new or potential client. The decision to sell or buy real estate is about the client. Buying or selling a home is a very personal matter which can impact one’s financial plan and lifestyle in a very significant way. I want to take the time to understand my client’s needs and motivations to sell or buy a home. Those individual circumstances and desires can lay the foundation for the preparation of the best marketing plan (for sellers) or search plan (for buyers). Listening and communication, however, should not be limited to conversations or meetings which occur early in the process. It is an essential element which I believe should be a part of our ongoing professional relationship.


After meeting or speaking with my clients (and listening to them), I spend a significant amount of time preparing what I believe is the best strategy for reaching their goals. For a seller, I analyze comparable properties and the current market trends. I consider how the client’s particular situation impacts the decision of an appropriate listing price and I think about how to best market that particular parcel-for example, I consider which groups of buyers would be our primary market and what is the best way to reach them and to make this particular property appealing to them. I use my professional experience to suggest possible pre-listing actions which the seller might consider to enhance the marketability of the property and I explain matters to the client which, if thought about early in the process, can help the client to experience an easier route to a successful closing.

For buyers, I review the information they have given me to understand their needs and financial situation. I emphasize that finding a home is a process that requires knowledge of the market, flexibility and ongoing communication with their real estate agent. As buyers become more familiar with various towns and areas and visit more homes, they may refine their thoughts on what they want and need. I believe that their agent should be flexible, engaged and accessible, and committed to advising and helping their buyers to find the right home for them.

For both sellers and buyers, I recommend that they contact their real estate attorneys early in the process as doing so can prevent potential issues from becoming pre-closing obstacles.  The best way to assure as smooth a real estate transaction as possible is to be well informed and well prepared before listing, or making an offer on, a property.

I draw upon my more than 30 years of residence and work experience in New Canaan and surrounding communities to introduce buyers to all that our area has to offer. My experience serving on numerous community boards and committees enables me to introduce first-time buyers to the many organizations and groups that make our area special, and to advise sellers on issues such a primary markets for their property and transitioning to their next chapter. I have the expertise to help first-time buyers understand the process of buying a home.  I am also able to provide sellers who are downsizing to a smaller home or a condominium with valuable information about the process of downsizing and the resources available to seniors in our community.


These condominiums located near Mead Park are among the many beautiful units in New Canaan which are appealing and convenient for homeowners considering downsizing.


As a real estate broker affiliated with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices|New England Properties, I am able to provide the sellers and buyers I represent with unparalleled tools. I consider it my responsibility to work with each client to choose those which are most appropriate to the particular circumstances of that individual.

In addition, I try to find ways to build upon those tools and to offer an even more personalized marketing strategy. Is the seller’s property an antique or vintage home? Are there particular architectural or topographic details which might suggest a certain market? Would a buyer consider broadening the scope of his or her search to think about other types of properties or towns? Again, relying on communication and flexibility, I periodically reassess results and, after communication with the client, may suggest ways to enhance the initial strategy.


Underlying all of the above-the importance I place on listening, preparation, knowledge, flexibility, creativity and communication-is my unwavering commitment to work with each client in a professional, honest, responsible and energetic manner. I try to always remember that each transaction is a matter of personal importance to my clients. My primary goal will always be to provide my clients with excellent personal service. I value the trust my clients put in me.